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Adding a Text Box in Google Slides

How to use a Chromebook

Change Microphone Settings When Using a Chromebook

Log into a Chromebook and Access Google Apps

Shut a Chromebook Down Completely

Submit an Assignment to Google Classroom

Entregar una asignación en Google Classroom

Unblock a Camera or Microphone

eLearning is learning conducted via electronic media over the Internet. eLearning provides students with access to educational resources and curricula outside of the traditional classroom setting.

While elearning does require some screen time, our teachers are working hard to provide both on-screen and off-screen activities. These activities along with live and self-paced instruction will vary depending on the content area, and age and needs of students. However, students will NOT be expected to be on the screen for the duration of an entire school day during elearning.

Chromebook Repairs

Call 574-393-5970 to schedule an appointment. Hours are 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All repairs will be handled at Edison Technology Services at Edison Middle School at 2701 Eisenhower Dr., South Bend, IN 46615 at door 5 under the awning. Please remain in your vehicle and a staff member will assist you.


What are the expectations for my student?

Expectations Expectations

How will my student receive instruction?

All teachers will use Google Classroom or Canvas as their learning management system. Google Classroom or Canvas will be used to connect with students, post assignments and announcements, share links to learning activities, and more.

Teachers will blend both on-screen and off-screen activities, based on the age and needs of your student.  

Guardian Guide Guide

I do not have internet access in my home. What should I do?

Students will need access to a reliable internet source to be successful when elearning. SBCSC offers a few solutions for at-home internet connections:

Many internet providers offer affordable internet solutions for eligible households:

Many businesses around the South Bend area offer free Wi-Fi locations (see map at the bottom of the page). Please follow all health and safety guidelines.

How will grades and attendance be handled?

Attendance is based upon student completion of a teacher-assigned learning task. These tasks will vary. Please see the guidelines for more information.

Grades will be based on the district grade/weight scale. Students are expected to complete all tasks assigned by the teachers. Please see the guidelines for more information.

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