ESSER Funding Tracker

Over the course of three rounds of ESSER allotments, the portion allotted to the SBCSC District was $71 million to be allocated toward four categories of use:

  • Accelerated Learning (Concerned with closing the pandemic-induced achievement gap, social emotional learning, special populations, academic programming and assessment, and out of school time programming)
  • Supporting Educators (Concerned with educator wellness, safety, and classroom support)
  • Sustainable Innovation (Concerned with virtual learning, and rethinking school design and programming)
  • Updating Technology and Other Infrastructure (Concerned with updating student information systems, our buildings’ structural and design needs, education/technology supplements, COVID mitigation, safety, and emergency preparedness)

Note: Please consult the Strategic Spending Plan for more details on the above.

Below is a pie chart displaying how funds allotted for each of the above categories have been allocated. The drop-down menu labeled “Category” to the upper right of the pie chart navigates to pie charts for each individual category. Below the pie chart is a tracker that displays, in the form of a bar graph, funds allocated (in blue) as well as funds spent (in green). These tools can be used to see how the District is spending ESSER funds with real time information updated on a monthly basis.

Use the bar at the bottom of the page to view the entire graphical image.