Elementary Schools

Applications for Magnet Schools for the 2020-21 school year are due no later than December 15. The application will be available online beginning November 1 and hard copies will be available at all SBCSC schools and the Administration Building.

Clay International Academy (K-8) (Magnet)

Coquillard Elementary School (South Bend Empowerment Zone)

Darden Elementary School

Harrison Elementary School (South Bend Empowerment Zone, Magnet)

Kennedy Academy (Magnet)

Lincoln Elementary School

Madison STEAM Academy (Magnet)

Marquette Montessori Academy (Magnet)

Marshall Traditional School (Magnet)

McKinley Elementary School (Magnet)

Monroe Elementary School

Muessel Elementary School

Nuner Fine Arts Academy (Magnet)

Swanson Traditional School (Magnet)

Warren Elementary School (South Bend Empowerment Zone)

Wilson Elementary School (South Bend Empowerment Zone)