Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the bus late and why was I not called?

A variety of situations may cause delays, including traffic, road closures, weather, vehicle breakdowns, trains or late employees. Although we plan for some of these delays, it is impossible to anticipate all of them. It is also impossible to serve and notify parents of over 17,000 students each day of delays. Parents need to be prepared for delays by having alternative plans for the children regarding sitters, etc.

How will I be notified of a change to my child’s bus stop?

The routing department determines all changes of bus stops and bus stop times, following the current school board policies. All changes are submitted to each school, and any stop or time change is given to the affected student through the driver. This is usually done on the afternoon route. Parents need to watch for a pink notice from transportation.

I got home late (p.m) and the bus has not dropped off my child. The school is closed. What should I do?

If you are late or going to be late, it is important that you contact our dispatch center and a dispatcher will radio the driver of your situation. A driver will not wait more than the usual drop off time for you. If you are not home, the student will continue on the route and the driver will return after the last stop. If at that time there is no parent contact, the dispatch center is directed to call the police or Child Protection Services. It is repeated here that parents need alternative numbers for the driver to call in the even t of emergencies. Dispatch Number 393-5950.

What can I do to make my child’s bus ride successful?

Be sure your child has identification on his/her person or backpack, with phone numbers and a current address. Walk your child through the route, the stop and what to do in an emergency. Make sure you child knows his/her bus number. Teach your child not to get off the bus at other stops to play. This results in lost children, and frantic parents.

Whom do I call with questions?

Call the dispatch center at 393-7000. We suggest that you not call to ask when the bus is going to come. Please call only after the bus is at least 15 minutes late. When you call, have the following information ready: bus number, school, child’s name and bus stop location.

Will my child have the same bus number everyday?

Every effort is made to have the same driver for you child everyday. However, drivers are absent for many reasons and it is necessary to use our substitute drivers when this occurs. Depending on availability, you may have several different drivers, even on the same day. All drivers, including substitute drivers, have extensive training and thorough background checks. They have a minimum of 60 hours of on the road and classroom training before they transport students. They are drug tested on a random basis and undergo a DOT yearly physical.