Criminal Justice

Enroll nowThis two-year program is offered at Clay High School to those students interested in a career in corrections, criminology, forensic sciences, law enforcement, immigration, probation, and security administration.

Students Learn

  • The skills needed to maintain law and order
  • How to protect life and property
  • How to conduct administration, planning, and research services
  • The nature of law
  • The functions of the judicial system
  • Court proceedings
  • Crime prevention strategy
  • Investigative techniques
  • Witness statement documentation
  • Procedural aspects of the criminal system
  • Probation process
  • Emergency procedures
  • Patrol procedures
  • Theories of criminal behavior

Criminal justice studentPossible Careers

Upon graduation:

  • Crime analyst
  • License and permits investigator
  • Police cadet
  • Public safety officer
  • Records specialist
  • Victim advocate
  • Victim assistance specialist

Associate degree:

  • Corrections officer
  • Criminal investigator
  • Deputy sheriff
  • Forensic science technician
  • Police officer
  • Security guard

Bachelor’s degree

  • Ballistics specialist
  • Blood spatter analyst
  • Crime scene investigator
  • Criminologist
  • DNA analyst
  • Fiber technologist
  • Forensic odontologist
  • Homicide detective
  • Psychological profiler