Career & Technical Education (CTE)

Hundreds of students in South Bend schools have discovered that traditional college is not the only pathway to career success.

Structured for Success

Program selection and registration begins sophomore year when students plan their junior year schedules with guidance counselors. Beginning junior year, CTE students attend class for half the day at their home high school, then are bussed to another location for the other half of the day. Training and instruction takes place at one of the area high schools, Ivy Tech, or another specialized location. Transportation is provided by SBCSC so students can make the most of these career training opportunities.

Ready for the Workforce or College

The SBCSC has partnered with local colleges and universities, businesses, and community organizations to ensure that the programs offered meet the academic and technical skills required for students to be successful and ready for the workforce immediately upon graduating. If a student decides that college is the direction they wish to pursue, any dual credit earned while in high school will put them a step ahead, both financially and academically.

Graduate a Step Ahead

CTE students have the option of earning dual credits, which means they will have both high school and college credits upon graduating which gives them a head start on a college degree. Students can also earn industry certifications in specific fields, which position them to enter a given profession with a proven record of achievement. All SBCSC high school students are eligible to participate in all CTE programs offered at the four district high schools, regardless of their “home” high school.