Construction Technology

Enroll nowThis two-year program begins at Riley High School and is completed senior year at a construction site where students build a house. Students learn the skills necessary to use machinery and software, and strategically plan and oversee projects. Students gain an understanding of advanced field construction methods and equipment.

Students Learn

  • Carpentry
  • Design
  • Drafting
  • Project planning and phases
  • Survey work
  • Construction equipment
  • Wireless and advanced building technology
  • Inventory management
Time lapse video Check out this
time-lapse video of a project.
CTE house
Curious about the
last house they built?

Potential Careers

Upon graduation:

  • Building inspector
  • Contractor
  • Cost estimator
  • Heavy equipment operator

Associate degree:

  • Engineering technician

Bachelor’s degree:

  • Adjunct instructor
  • Construction restoration inspector
  • Information systems technician
  • Project engineer
  • Project manager