2018 Corporation Teacher of the Year

2018 Corporation Teacher of the Year and Runner Up!
Teacher of the Year Ben DomonkosBenjamin Domonkos, a 4th grade teacher at Tarkington Traditional School, has been named the SBCSC Corporation Teacher of the Year. In recognition of his achievement, Ben received a $1,000 professional growth grant, a plaque and a golden apple. 

"The strongest, most significant influence on my decision to become an educator has been with me my entire life: My mother. As an innovative, lifelong learner my mom has set the bar very high; her perseverance and altruism have inspired  me to be the teacher I am today and through her, I have had a lifelong connection to education."

Jene Hartman Congratulations also to Jene Hartman a Sociology & Geography teacher at Clay High School for being named the 2018 Corporation Runner-up Teacher of the Year. Jene received a $500 professional growth grant, a plaque, and a silver apple. 

"My greatest contribution to education transcends beyond the textbook, beyond state standards, and beyond my yearly evaluation. I show up to school every day, lesson plans prepared and ready to go, yet this is not what makes me a good teacher. I have created an environment that all students in the school know is their safe place to fall. What's great about having evolved in this way as an educator is that I just can't get burned out on authentic love for other human beings." 

Congratulations to all of our outstanding Teachers!