Options for High School for Incoming 9th Grade Students

The options for High School for incoming freshmen are as follows:

1. Attend your assigned high school (Adams, Clay, Riley or Washington) based on your home address. 
2. Apply to a magnet program at Adams, Clay, Riley or Washington.
3. Apply to attend a high school other than your assigned high school by submitting a High School Open Enrollment form. Students remain assigned to their school of choice for the duration of high school. 

The opportunities available to our high school students are limitless. Each of our high schools provide a comprehensive academic program to meet the needs of all students, including classes for the academically gifted as well as for those students who need additional support. There is a wide range of choices designed to accommodate individual preferences and interests. 

In addition, we offer a magnet program in each of our high schools - four separate, unique courses of instruction to substantially strengthen the knowledge of academic subjects, as well as the achievement of tangible and marketable career and vocational skills. These magnet programs are over and above the basic comprehensive program provided in each high school. 

The magnet programs are:
  • Adams High School International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • Clay High School Visual & Performing Arts
  • Riley High School Technology and Engineering and New Tech Program
  • Washington High School Medical and Allied Health Sciences