Bright Beginnings - Before School Program

is a before school program located at:

  • Darden (for Darden, Clay Intermediate, Swanson and Tarkington Traditional)
  • Harrison (for Harrison, Coquillard, Dickinson F.A.A, Greene, Kennedy, LaSalle, Navarre, Warren and Wilson)
  • Hay (for Hay, Hamilton Traditional, Jackson, Lincoln, Marshall and Monroe)
  • Marquette (for Marquette, Madison, Muessel, Perley, Edison, Brown, Jefferson Traditional, McKinley and Nuner)

The program hours are 6:30 - 8:10 a.m. Students are transported to the child care site by parents, and then to their assigned school by bus if needed. Parents/guardians may register for the program at 215 South St. Joseph at the front desk with a 10$ registration fee payable in check or money order. Contact will be made about the appropriate start date and to answer any further questions.   Bright Beginnings program will be closed on Two Hour School Delay Days as announced by SBCSC. Parents will transport their student to the child's school at the assigned start time on those days. 

Jennie Joyce, Director