Atomic/Cubs Taskforce

The Clay ATOMIC Teacher Task Force letter of appreciation to Dr. Spells in follow up to our conversation on August 8th, 2017.

Dr. Spells,

Thank you for going above and beyond in the first of what will hopefully be many meetings with our Clay Teacher Task Force. We know that your support, along with teams of professionals inclusive of community, business, and education, is necessary for the positive transitions we discussed to happen and to continue to happen.

 With consideration of your attentiveness in listening to our aims and concerns, we would like to summarize the critical components discussed that need to be in place to start the 2017-18 school year:

 1. Two class sections approved and built into the master schedule for second semester for the Freshmen/Sophomore mentees who will enter the initial phase of this new model for the Mentor Program.

 2. Two teachers strategically selected from a pool of those working closely with the ATOMIC movement to teach the sections mentioned above.

 3. Professional development teacher release time as determined by the ATOMIC and Cubs Foundation board to plan and implement the goals of the movement.

 4. PGP points granted to actively-involved faculty members making quality contributions towards the ATOMIC movement by way of volunteer hours, meetings, and extra-curricular duties as needed.

We sincerely desire that these wishes are not only granted, but honored and mandated by Clay administration. With the urgency of starting the necessary implementation (for a successful launch) upon us in fewer than two weeks, we ask for this support that only you can provide within this time table. Also, with an affirmative decision, we ask you to consider meeting with us (The Task Force and Advisory Committee) on a quarterly basis so we can provide a report on progress and the overall implementation.

Our motto as Clay teachers is “Clay C.A.R.E.S.”—an acronym for Community Aimed at Respect, Empathy, and Support. This caring approach is a model that can be applied throughout ALL schools as the program grows! Thank you for your support and consideration.


The Clay Teacher Taskforce

(Jene’ Hartman, Yonika Willis, Dianna Christopher, Greg Harris, Darcia King-Oblenis, and Ben Murray-Oates)

ATOMIC CUBS Mentoring Group


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