Montessori Options Grades Pre-K to 6

Marquette Primary Montessori Academy (MPMA)
1818 Bergan Street
South Bend, IN 46628
Principal: Mrs. Deb Cyrier

MPMA, an associate member of the American Montessori Society, offers a learning environment that is designed to provide for the developmental needs of children. Providing opportunities for student's academic, social, and emotional growth, MPMA staff are highly trained to educate the whole child. Classrooms are multi-age and children remain in the same classroom for up to three years allowing parents and staff to collaborate with the child's best interest in mind. Early childhood classrooms serve children age 3-5 (including full day kindergarten). Lower Elementary classrooms serve 1st through 3rd grade children. Adhering to the Montessori method, children are first taught skills using concrete, hands-on manipulatives in all subjects. As developmentally appropriate, children progress to learning all concepts in an abstract manner. 

Transportation is provided to students in the Marquette boundary who live outside the walk area for the school. 

Montessori at Brown Intermediate Center
737 West Beale Street
South Bend, IN 46616
Principal: Mr. Joseph Somers

The Montessori at Brown program is for students in Upper Elementary classrooms (grades 4-6). It is a direct extension of the program established at Marquette Primary Montessori Academy for early childhood and Lower Elementary  years. Like Marquette, students at Brown Montessori Academy are in multi-age classrooms. The emphasis is on individualized instruction, hands on materials, cooperative teachers and family involvement. The teaching staff is fully licensed by the State of Indiana, and teachers are working toward Montessori Elementary I and II certification. Students may participate in electives at Brown including band, orchestra, technology, art, music, physical education and health. 

All students at Brown Intermediate Center wear uniforms. Transportation is only provided to students who live int he Brown ride area.