PowerSchool Frequently Asked Questions

Useful search commands

For security reasons, the system will log you out after thirty minutes of inactivity.

9. How do I find student(s) with an incomplete schedule?

Since all students have a schedule in PowerSchool, we can use some special search terms to find students who do not yet have a full schedule.

In the Student Search slot, enter:
*not_enrolled_in_period=1 -- This would show all students without a specific period.

If you want to look at a particular grade level, you can combine two searches with a semicolon:

Remember that PowerSchool says kindergarten is grade 0 when you do searches.

10. How do I find students with less than a full schedule?

PowerSchool includes some special search functions that allow you to search across more than just the student data. These search terms will always be preceded by an asterisk.

*number_of_classes<6 will="" find="" students="" enrolled="" in="" less="" than="" 6="" classes="" br="">
*number_of_classes#6 will locate students with more than 6 OR less than 6 classes

Contact the students' counselor at your school.