How to Join the I.T. Program

The Information Technology Program is available to qualifying junior and senior students from all South Bend high schools. The following is a guide for prospective students.
Prospective students must:
  • Be a high school sophomore or junior student in good standing.
The first year Computer Tech Support class is typically directed toward high school juniors (sophomores when they apply). However, if space permits, seniors (juniors when they apply) will be considered for the first year class.
  • Have a history of following both the SBCSC and their high school’s Code of Conduct.
Self-discipline is an important part of maturing into a productive individual, student, and citizen. We are looking for students who have displayed an increasing level of self-discipline and responsibility for his/her individual behavior.
  • Have consistent class attendance.
The I.T. classes meet three periods per day, five days per week. When a student misses an I.T. class, they are actually missing three times the class time of a one-hour class making missed assignments add up fast. A consistent record of class attendance is required of prospective and current I.T. students.
  • Fill out an online CTE Program Application for your intended program.
Completed online applications are required for all prospective first-year students during their sophomore (or junior) year. Paper applications are no longer available and all prospective students must now use the online process.
Online application can be found at:
If you need access to a computer, please see your Career Guidance Specialist.

Adams High School: Mrs. Balaban (located in the Library) Clay High School: Mrs. Warter (located in Guidance Office) Riley High School: Mr. Floran (located in Room 430) Washington High School: Mrs. Carter (located in Guidance Office)

  • Submit three letters of recommendation.
The I.T. Program requires prospective students to submit three letters of recommendation from someone that knows the student well such as teacher, guidance counselor, boss or supervisor, clergy, a neighbor, a person they have done work for, etc. We are looking for personal references that demonstrate the student's character, abilities, work ethic, and attitude.
  • Complete a one-on-one interview with the I.T. Instructor.
This informal interview allows the student to meet the instructor, learn about the program and expectations, and get their questions answered. It also gives the instructor the opportunity to ask any questions they may have about the student's application.