Work INdiana Certifications

WorkIN Opportunities for AD ED Students (updated 3/9/2017)

If you were or are currently  enrolled as an AD ED (Adult Education) student, please consider contacting Latisha Marsh (WorkOne Job Transition Specialist) or Debbie Lane (SBCSC AD ED Career Coach) regarding your long-term career goals! Their contact information can be found below. WorkOne offers job search assistance, free workshops and, for those who qualify, WorkIndiana scholarships.

Certification programs that are available include:

1.  MOS (Computer Certification) - Minimum 8th grade reading level
2.  Quickbooks (Accounting system) - minimum 8th grade reading and math levels
3.  Truck Driving (CDL) - requires good diving record; 21 or older; minimum 7th grade reading
4.  Phlebotomist - passed the TASC or close to passing
5.  Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) - minimum 10th grade reading level
6.  Hospitality and Lodging Certification - requires minimum 7th grade reading level
7.  Advance Manufacturing & Logistics - passed TASC or close to passing
8.  CNC Operator - minimum 10th grade reading and math level
9.  Entry Welding - minimum 8th grade reading level and 6th grade math level (2 nights, 10 weeks)
10.  ASE Auto Mechanic - minimum 10th grade reading and math levels (10 weeks)

Contact information:

Latisha Marsh:  574-237-9675 (ext. 1029) /

Debbie Lane:  574-340-2723 (cell) or 574-393-5801 /

If you are NOT an AD ED student, you might qualify for WIOA funding and should attend a WorkOne orientation for more information.  WorkOne orientations occur on Fridays at 10:00 am at the WorkOne Center, 851 Marietta St, South Bend, IN 46601


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